Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ohio Road Trip: Day 4, The Trip Home


If you’re just stopping by you may want to read Day 1 and Days 2 & 3 of our Ohio Road Trip. 

Ohio Road Trip blog buttonTalk about a short and sweet trip!  The kids and I actually began our return trip to Alabama on Sunday night. We drove three hours to Cincinnati before stopping at a Red Roof Inn. I have to admit that I’ve never stayed at a Red Roof Inn and since I got a really great coupon rate I wasn’t expecting anything grand but I was pleasantly surprised when I stepped into the lobby and saw a beautifully updated modern decor. Our room was also updated and fresh. Not bad for $39!

ohio 009

When I spoke to my husband Sunday night, he mentioned that we really should sleep in before heading back on the road on Monday. Imagine my surprise when he texted me at 7:00 surprised because I wasn’t up yet! Hello, seven in the morning is not this night owls idea of sleeping in but once awake, it’s often hard for me to go back to sleep. I woke the kids up and we did all our necessary on-the-road-morning-routines. You know, brush our hair and teeth, check Facebook, e-mails, etc.

When we finally peered outside we were disappointed to find that it was raining. That kind of spoiled my plans for the outdoor stops.

I had planned to stop at the Patton Museum in Fort Knox, KY but the website stated that there is a five minute walk from the parking lot to the museum entrance, since it was raining we opted not to go.

We continued on our way and got stuck in traffic instead. We decided to people watch and after a few minutes decided that wasn’t such a good idea. Just in case you have ever wondered, driving naked isn’t the best thought that could ever pop into your head. You know, just in case you get stuck in traffic. (Please tell me that man really had on pants! )

Oh yeah, if your dentures need cleaned, you may think that cleaning them in a traffic jam is a great idea but I beg to differ. 

road trip day 3 003

By the time we’d reached Cave City we knew it was time to get out and stretch our legs and how could we resist rummaging through the Olde General Store? 

road trip day 3 014 

There was a ton of stuff littering the outside and if you love to go through junk like I do, it’s just the place to waste some time. I happily picked up some post cards for our little traveler but I had yet to run into a penny pressing machine and I had promised a custom piece to Maureen of Spell Out Loud, the winner of the Ohio Road Trip Getaway and Giveaway package. 

road trip day 3 008

I was so excited to see not one but two penning pressing machines! I couldn’t dig out my quarters fast enough!

road trip day 3 011They even offer free pennies for the machines! I thought that was the best idea! Lucky for them I ran out of those quarters!

road trip day 3 012

Across the street from The Olde General Store is Dinosaur World. We didn’t stop for a tour but who could resist snapping a few pictures?

road trip day 3 016

Isn’t this the coolest thing? RRRRRR….RUN!!!!

road trip day 3 004

Mammoth Caves is literally minutes away…one of my favorite national parks!

road trip day 3 026 

My new driver was disappointed that he wasn’t able to drive for the entire trip, but I have such a hard time giving up that driver’s seat! I just love to drive. Plain and simple.  I did manage to allow him to drive for several hours though along both legs of the trip which seemed to appease him.

road trip day 3 028

I couldn’t wait to get a glimpse of that rocket because that meant we were only minutes away from home.

road trip day 3 040

Four days. 19 hours. 1140 miles. Whew…what a trip!

Until next time~ Happy Road Trippin’!

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  1. LOL! Love the pics. by the dino and the rocket!


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