Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Join me at The Homeschool Classroom as I Share Ideas for Socializing your Teens

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Not long ago a friend of mine sent me an email and asked the following question:

“I was just wondering what your kids do for fun with other kids and how that gets organized? My son seems to think he is missing out on some of the fun.”

Do your kids ever feel like they are missing out? I think it’s normal for teenagers to think that way on occasion, whether or not they are homeschooled.  I know mine do and it doesn’t seem to matter how busy we can be or what we’ve been up to. I especially noticed this when we moved and they were no longer surrounded by their close friends. So in an effort to meet new people and to discourage the uttering of the dreaded, “Mom, I’m bored”, we branched out of our comfort zone and took a peek into our community to see what activities are offered for teens.

Curious? I hope you’ll pop on over to The Homeschool Classroom and read the rest of the article, Socializing Your Teens, and share some of the ways that you encourage your teens to meet and interact with others. 


  1. We always seem to make friends with teens in our travels and I am amazed on the postive things they have to say about their lives. Last summer I tested the theory on public school kids and asking them the same very question - and wow the answers shocked me. Great article as always....


  2. It is a challenge to find social outlets for my 13 year old. He is wanting to do more "teen" things and less things with his younger brothers in tow. Our homeschooling community doesn't have a teen group, and we've tried to start one, offering movie days once a month at our house, but he still needs more social time. Thanks for this article!

  3. Hi Tonya! Thanks for stopping in at my blog earlier! I'm exciting about the free babysitting - I might get out grocery shopping ALONE every once in a while! Nothing like shopping BY YOURSELF. LOL I didn't think of housework...I read the post on socializing teens this morning. Great ideas! My 12-year-old is like Anne's son, wanting more time AWAY from his younger siblings. He's found that Boy Scouts is an EXCELLENT way for "teen time" since most of the boys are older. Movie Nights would be fun too, but what to do about a babysitter?! HE'LL be busy! LOL


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