Friday, June 17, 2011

The Field Trip Survey Results Are In!

Thank you to everyone that filled out the Field Trip Survey that I had up on my site last week!

So, is everyone curious to see the final results of the survey? I have to tell you that I couldn’t wait to read the results! 

It didn’t surprise me that 95% of the people that took the survey do go on field trips since that was the topic for the questionnaire. 

Cost, fuel/transportation or an already too full schedule were cited as the main reasons that hold people back, though many moms also shared that it is hard to attend field trips because they have babies or small children that are hard to occupy at events.

Of those that completed the survey, 28% have homeschooled for 3-5 years, while a combined 43% have homeschooled for more than five years. The bulk of those that answered the survey teach various levels of elementary school.

Though there are always wise cracks about the number of children homeschoolers have, there is a combined total of only 14% that have four or more children while, 32% of those that responded currently homeschool two children. found this interesting, because I really expected those percentages to be higher. Of course this survey is by no means scientific.  Interesting, but not completely accurate. (It could be that the families that responded have younger children they are not currently homeschooling, older children that have completed their studies or children that attend school outside of the home.)

I wasn’t surprised that 39% of parents stated that they take field trips once a month, 18% take field trips twice a month and 20% take field trips once every three months. Though mornings are preferred over afternoon field trips, 46% of homeschooling parents stated they’d take a field trip anytime of the day if it appealed to them.   

Fall (September- November) and Spring (March-May) seem to be the most popular seasons to take field trips though outings are enjoyed anytime of the year.    

The majority of those that responded prefer to spend $10 or less for a field trip and stay close to home, though 43% have been known to drive more than an hour for something they found really appealing.

The three biggest reasons to take a field trip would be because parents like the added learning component that is often present during a field trip, the field trip sounds interesting or it compliments a current area of study. 

Field trips receive high marks if they offer engaging hands-on activities, discounted admission, appeal to all ages and are entertaining. Other benefits include pre-field trip materials and self-guided tours. I did find it interesting that though many respondents enjoy the added benefits of days set aside specifically for homeschool families, they don’t necessarily enjoy the crowds that often accompany the discounted admission or added activities.

Surprisingly more people learn about field trips through word of mouth than any other resource, though support groups and cover schools were a close second and internet searches coming in third.

The best field trips ranged from visiting a light house, to swimming with rays to a week at Colonial Williamsburg to a hike in the woods. I loved reading everyone’s responses and I got so many wonderful ideas that I just can’t keep them to myself! I’ll be sharing some of your comments and tips in the weeks to come.

Now, who wants to go on a field trip?

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