Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Zebra Story

Last week I was reading Two Kids and a Map and had to chuckle at the post The Behind of the Zebra. I can relate. Of all our trips to the zoo, or the Wilds or safari type adventures, I don’t think I’ve ever captured anything other than a rear end shot of a zebra.  EVER.

Until now.

Yesterday, I accompanied my family to the Harmony Park Safari in Huntsville, Alabama (I’ll share more about that trip later) and guess what I saw?

A zebra! But not only that, check out out the pictures I was able to snap.

Here is the zebra approaching

  Harmony Safari Park 011 

…getting closer…

and right beside the van! But wait…

How’s this for a close-up?

I guess the secret to getting a good picture of a zebra is to offer him food (provided by the safari, of course).

Who’d have guessed? 


  1. I love it!  So there is hope of capturing the zebra's face.  We are actually heading to Huntsville this summer.  We might have to add visiting this zebra to our itinerary! (Thanks for linking to my post, too!)

  2. If you are inteteresed in other ideas for Huntsville and the surrounding
    area, just say the word. :)

  3. You know, my kids DID NOT want to go? They actually grumbled on this one-
    "we've done that before", "remember that one we went to in Ohio", grumble,
    grumble.... Then we got there and their attitudes changed. lol Very


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