Thursday, May 12, 2011

And the Winner Is……

Do you remember this post? The one where I begged for tips for free places to visit on our upcoming trip to Orlando?

Well, I have a WINNER!

Drum roll please….

Congratulations to Stef from Educating Layton! WooHoo! 

This is Stef’s tip:

Downtown Disney is FREE - AND you can go to the Lego store and build race cars w/ their legos for FREE to race other kids right outside under a covered area!

My family loved that tip because last time we visited Orlando, we skipped Downtown Disney so they aren’t about to miss out this time around! I’m not sure if the boys will build race cars, but you better believe we won’t miss a stop at the Lego Animation Store

Okay Stef, per the contest rules: 

You will have until Saturday, May 14th to email me a picture of your Flat Traveler (I only need a picture, I’ll even dress your traveler for the occasion).

Congratulations, Stef! You’re traveler will accompany us on the Star Tours ride before it’s even open to the public! How cool is that? Oh yeah, don’t forget that I’m going to pick up a little something for you there as well.  

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