Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Midweek Highlights or Time for More Linky Love

I’ve been blogging for nearly two years here at Live the Adventure. Normally, I love blogging. I love writing about the places we’ve been, sharing tips we’ve learned along the way, talking about our homeschooling experiences on occasion and interacting with each of you. Blogging has been a great hobby, but I’d like it to be more than that. I have goals that I’d like to reach. Products I’d like to develop and trips I’d love to take. But it takes a lot of time. And Energy. And Effort. Sometimes it’s even discouraging.

Last year at the Savvy Blogging Summit I was introduced to the idea of networking with other bloggers. I’ve wanted that so much. To have a group to bounce ideas off. To talk to people that are really serious about blogging; my husband hides it well, but he really gets tired of listening to my incessant blog chat. I guess you could even say that I’ve just wanted to hang with other bloggers. I’ve joined a few networks along the way, but they were so huge that it was really hard to meet anyone. It also seemed as though many of the bloggers were using the forum more as a self-promotion outlet than as a support network.

I desired something more personal. I was beginning to toss around the idea of contacting a few people I’ve met around the blogosphere and kind of getting something going where we could offer help and encouragement to one another but every time I prayed about it, I just felt that wasn’t the step I was supposed to take. So I hung back. And just when I was really discouraged and thought that I just couldn’t stand to type one more blog post, I was asked to join a network of other women bloggers. I was blown away. The Lords’ timing really is perfect.

Some of you may feel the same way that I do. You may also be seeking that help and encouragement. That’s why I’m so excited to share about a new blogging network that I read about this morning on Many Little Blessings; Connections Network, small group networking opportunities for bloggers.  I hope you’ll stop over and check it out.

I’ll have more links next week, but in the meantime have you shared a Free Orlando attraction tip to be entered to send a Flat Traveler along for the reopening of the Star Tours ride at Disney? Today’s the last day to enter. 

Stay tuned, I have a couple fun giveaways coming up that I think you’ll enjoy.  Now, for some questions…..

Do you ever feel like you could use the encouragement? Or do you have a small group of bloggers that you network with? How has that helped you?


  1. Sometimes I am so with you on this matter. My husband refuses to look at my blog, doesn't understand Twitter, or Facebook, his comment was "Don't tell me you Twitter too!" I have had a great little ring of blogging friends this past year, but I want more. I in vision my blog being more, if that makes sense.

  2. I understand complety, Debbie! :) My husband doen't spend much time on the
    computer so he doesn't check out my blog unless I specifically show him-
    but he does give me advice on some of my posts on occasion. He does enjoy my
    Facebook page though because we both keep up with people that way. Twitter?
    He's clueless! lol Did you take a peek at the Connections Network? Angie was
    offering 40 free memberships right now.

  3. Thank you for sharing this! I have been considering ways to make more of my blog than what it is now, and I would love the chance to connect with and learn from others!

  4. Great, Lisa! I knew there had to be other bloggers who have felt the same
    way I have. So glad this something that may be beneficial for you! :)

  5. I did check it out Tonya, I thought about trying to be one of the 40 for free membership, I had to stop and think the long haul after the one year then membership fees kick in. I wouldn't want to get involved then feel I might have to pull away due to membership fees. My husband totally would not understand any fees.

  6. I just began participating in a group similar to this run by Tonya at Blogelina. I enjoy the group, my only complaint would be that the women are vastly different, which makes for great interaction, but sometimes on the blogging end it's a bit hard. For instance, one woman's blog is completely devoted to her beginning home sales jewelry type business. Aside for general design and things like that, it's hard to really get involved you know?

    Anyway, I think I might look into joining this group; heading over to read about it right now.

    I'm sure I missed it, but are you guys getting back to normal now?

  7. Tiffany, Our side of town is pretty much back to normal. Our water has been
    a bit gross- not sure what's up with that because we never lost our water.
    We aren't drinking it now though. :( Our power was only out for 5 days- I've
    heard it rumored that some here still don't have power because they need to
    rebuild so many of the power lines, etc. How about you?

    The blogging group I'm in is also vastly different but the nice thing about
    that is that there really isn't any competition. I imagine if all the blogs
    were similar, that ugly monster would raise it's head. I hope you check out
    this new network- I'm there as well. :) Not that you need to sign up just
    because I'm there. lol

  8. Gah, I meant to say their blogs are vastly different... :) And I guess you are right, while many of us wouldn't want to compete, someone would probably not play so nice.

    Glad to hear you guys are back to fairly normal. We have friends in Madison who just recently got their power back. Thankfully we weren't really put out at all, but then that also makes you feel guilty. We've donated money to the food banks of the affected areas and I'm trying to work with my Girl Scout troop to work on some volunteering.

  9. My husband is the same way! He used to make fun of me but like any other hobby we each have, we are still supportive of each other...he just doesn't want to hear about it all the time! :-) Recently, he has started to see the benefits that it has for our family now that I am working at trying to turn it into a business and do a little bit more with it. He totally still makes fun of me when I open up twitter even though he has met some of my "imaginary friends" as he calls them!

  10. My husband was on board in the beginning, but thought I'd make money right
    away--still waiting for that to happen *smile*. Last year he asked me to
    quit. Two days later my blog won an award, which meant prizes. He liked
    that. Next time he wanted me to quit, I blogged about a Game Stop contest
    and won over $2000 worth of merchandise. He's on board now, just doesn't
    want to hear about it all the time. Hey, that sounds like your husband!

  11. Awww, I remember the GS thing; I was so, so, so happy for you guys!!! :)


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