Monday, October 25, 2010

Have you Stopped by The Homeschool Classroom Lately

Do you homeschool? Are you interested in finding ways to save money on homeschool expenses? If you answered yes then you should visit The Homeschool Classroom and read my October article. Here’s a teaser… 

I just love that title, What’s in Your Wallet? Sounds like the opening to a credit card commercial, doesn’t it? Well today I’d like to focus not on credit cards but reward and discount cards that you, as a homeschooling parent may be eligible for.

Lately, I’ve found it more difficult to stay home and remain within our budget while I continue to purchase those little extras that can pop up from time to time as a result of choosing to homeschool. As challenging as it can be to live on one income while staying home with my children, I certainly wouldn’t want things any other way. Which is why I hunt out all the deals I can that will enable me to stay home while ensuring that I have the tools available to homeschool successfully.

You can read the rest of this article What’s in Your Wallet? at  The Homeschool Classroom and while you’re there, why not leave a comment sharing ways that you save money on your homeschool expenses?

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