Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Future of Field Trip Friday is in your Hands….

TONYA FTF BUTTON 2 When I took my blogging break one of the things I was considering was the future of Field Trip Friday. I love sharing places that we go because field trips are such a huge part of what we do but I wonder if you’re really that interested in reading about them or participating in the meme?

So…I wondered if I could count on you for some feedback? I’ve added a poll, or more like a series of three short polls on my sidebar, and I wondered if I could ask you to take the time to answer the questions and/or leave a comment sharing your thoughts?

Do you enjoy reading or linking to Field Trip Friday?

Do you think once a week is too frequent?

Would you be more likely to participate if it was offered once a month instead of weekly?

Would you like to see it revamped to show resources we used prior to or after our outing? Notebook pages? Reading lists?

Do you understand Field Trip Friday and how it works?

Are you familiar with the linking process?

I’d really appreciate any help that you’re willing to give as I try to figure out where to go next with Field Trip Friday…the future of this meme is in your hands!  


  1. I enjoy field trip friday...both reading about the places you go to and submitting my own. I don't take too many field trips since my disability (I have to go in a wheel chair) but I don't always remember to post them when I do. Perhaps a Carnival, with a reminder, would be the best?

  2. I like this meme, but I'm having trouble fitting a in field trip friday, and a geography wednesday over at Children Grow Children Learn Children Explore. I just haven't quite figured out a good flow.

    Also, once the weather gets bad, our fieldtrips taper off.

  3. I really enjoyed participating in Field Trip Friday...I've been sad because I've been absent from most blogging endeavors lately. I've just been totally overwhelmed with my life the past two months. It's a wonder I'm even on the computer right now. I'm TRYING to get back to blogging, and when I do, FTF is one place I'll definitely link up to, if you keep doing it.

  4. I really enjoy Field Trip Friday! I can't always find the time to write one up, though, and I'm sure others have the same problem? Maybe every other week?Or once a month. I would love notebooking pages and reading lists, if you're using them anyway.

  5. I really like FTF, but I got out of the habit of posting. We have alot of outdoor adventures to see parks, but nothing really historical or such. I'm not sure how many people want to keep seeing our visits to different beaches. :) Could there be a list or checklist to qualify for "field trip", or any time you leave your house. :)

  6. I enjoy your FTF's and I actually wrote up my first post for one for this Friday. I'm kind of like the other commentors. Maybe every other week would be good. I have a few field trips to post but my blogging habits have slowed down some due to life getting in the way. I hope you continue to do it though.

  7. I would love to see a once a month list, where you could post and add to the meme whenever you wanted. SO if you do 1 field trip/post you could add one to the list. If you do 7 field trips and 7 posts, you could add all them too. whenever you want!

    I love FTF, but I have a problem sticking to schedules...hahaha

  8. Ack! I actually posted one last week and forgot to link up. I love seeing yours, we just don't do enough to link up weekly.

  9. I REALLY appreciate everyone taking the time to share your honest opinions! You've all mentioned something that I've been feeling lately...like there just isn't enough time to get it all done! This week we've found it really hard to fit in a field trip so frankly, I'm not sure what I'll share this week- next week we have three field trips, all of them a bit of a distance away which makes me wonder when I'll have time to write up a post! LOL

    Anyway, I'm definitely leaning towards cutting back on FTF. I love the once a month idea and the Carnival idea is really appealing. I'll have to give that some thought and perhaps old another poll?

    As for a checklist of what constitutes a field trip? I have often thought that maybe a bit further clarification for FTF was necessary.

    Great Ideas! Keep 'em coming!:)

  10. We pretty much live a field trip, it's just the posting I get behind on. I love seeing your reminders, but sometimes I'm on the road then forget! If it were biweekly or once a month, I'd probably try a bit harder! But I do enjoy reading yours for sure!


I love hearing what you think! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment! Blessings!:)

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