Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just Call it the Snow Rocket!

The snow hit in North Alabama this week. So much snow that for a minute I forgot that I no longer live in Ohio but now live in a much warmer climate where it never snows- supposedly. 

It snowed so much that my husband couldn’t go to work. In fact, the entire city shut down. Imagine that.

As much as I thought I disliked the white stuff,  when it’s not a common occurrence, and you don’t have anywhere that you HAVE to be,  it turns out that snow is a pleasant distraction.

Since it wasn’t really all that cold, we spent most of Monday outside building what we thought would be a snow fort. However, the boys (my husband included) were having so much fun that our fort soon grew out of hand. So they thought they’d shift gears and create a giant snowman. But everyone built snowmen. We needed something different. And then, it came to me. We needed a rocket. After all , we do live in the Rocket City!

We were very pleased with the finished product, a snow replica of the Saturn V, even though it could be a bit….well…thinner….   

We even made a little astronaut guy to complete the scene.

Snow Rocket

My husband had a crazy idea to sleep inside our creation when it was to be a fort. Though we decided that wasn’t going to work, at the very least we needed to climb inside for a group photo. It was a bit snug. And a bit small.

inside our rocket

For some reason I began to laugh. and laugh. and laugh. And my children looked at my husband with puzzled looks and asked ‘Dad, why is mom laughing like that?’ In all his wisdom he responded, ‘ Because she’s claustrophobic and she’s about to freak out.’ Just as calm as can be. So to say that I couldn’t wait to get out of our ice ship was a wee bit of an understatement.

So, we all made our way out. One by One.


Don’t I look relieved?


Not everyone was as nervous as I was.


   That’s not a grumpy look, by the way. It’s his ‘cool’ appearance.


I really love these pictures!

rocket 1 

Even our trusty side kick, glowing- eyed- beasty- dog, had to accompany us. I think he was about as relieved to be out of the Snow Rocket as I was.


What a fun day. And what a fun memory!

Have you experienced any wild and wacky weather this week? How did you deal with it?


  1. Very cool! (No pun intended.) I cannot believe the bare arms,etc.!

  2. Love the Snow Rocket! Yeah Mom for climbing in! Thanks for sharing all the photos!


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