Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Don’t forget to Book Your Hotel in Advance

Last week we embarked on yet one more trip to Ohio. I really think our vehicle has an auto-pilot for the trip because it seems that we just can’t go anywhere else these days!

Normally, we stay with family but this time my husband thought it would be a nice break if I would reserve a hotel room for us for the week. He didn’t have to twist my arm- I’m always more comfortable having my own space. At the last minute he changed his mind and I changed our reservations. Instead of reserving rooms for the week, I only reserved rooms for one night. Big mistake.

Turns out that we really couldn’t stay where we planned so we needed to stay in a hotel after all. The hotel had plenty of rooms, but the rate had jumped from $52 a night to $69 a night. Our four night stay cost $68 more than it would have if I’d kept those reservations.  No, the extra amount didn’t break the bank but it did frustrate me because I knew how much less we would have paid by simply booking in advance.

So, next time you plan a road trip, don’t forget to book those rooms. Even if it’s just a couple days in advance. Your savings really could add up.     

Before you make that call you may want to take a minute to read a post I wrote a while back, Get More Bang for your Buck; Hotel Savings. 

What secrets do you have for saving money on lodging?

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