Sunday, November 14, 2010

I’m Stunned….

Remember I told you that we’d made a trip to Ohio last month to retrieve some of our personal belongings out of storage? Well, I’d sent my boys to grab the last remaining items from the van (finally) and my oldest son stepped into the house saying….prepare yourself… you won’t believe it...

“Mom, we used to do the neatest things. We just don’t do ANYTHING anymore.”

“Ex-cuuuuuse me???? “ Clearly, my offspring does not speak my language because I just could not understand what he was saying.

“What about our field trip to SIFAT? or the Storytelling Festival? What about the Aquarium? Didn’t we just take a cruise in September?”   I roared…

…my son was clearly taken aback… “Ummm…yeah…we still do cool things, mom…it’s just…well…you don’t scrapbook it anymore.”

At this his siblings also joined in with an accusatory, “YEAH, MOM!”    

In his arms, he’d carried in one of  our scrapbook albums plus a few loose pages that had been saved when our basement flooded. Each page was full of pictures of adventures we’d taken prior to Live the Adventure, and captioned, recording the Who, What, Where, Why and When’s for when our memory fails us. 

We reminisced as we turned each page.   

“Why don’t you scrapbook anymore mom?” 

Sheepishly, I replied… “…because now I blog.”  


Now I feel guilty.

The truth is I gave up scrapbooking for a couple reasons. It can be a bit expensive, and I tend to be a perfectionist. My pages were never perfect enough so every time I looked through my album, I’d see something to change and I did. My husband finally tired of my anal behavior and told me to stop fixing things or stop scrapbooking. Unable to control myself, I choose the latter.

Now I regret my decision.

So, I’m thinking…it would be nice to present my children with a story of our adventures for Christmas…has anyone ever had their blog made into a bound book? I know it’s possible, I just wonder how it turned out.


Anyone have any tips for a recovering perfectionist who has decided she’d like to ease back into scrapbooking?


  1. No tips, but when you figure it out let me know LOL. I doubt there's many more anal than me when it comes to digital scrapbooking and anything crafty! In fact the reason I haven't tried the regular scrapbooking is because I know I couldn't change my mind when I decide something isn't perfect enough!

    I confess...I'm anal about all things scrapbooky *whistles*

  2. My solution for this very same problem was do the online books. As I take pictures, I upload them to Shutterfly, picaboo (my favorite) or whereever I can find a site that does photo books.

    I keep everything in folders with all the info and then near the end of the school year, I will start putting it together.

    When our last picture is taken for that school year, I finish the book and then have them print it. It usually cost about $15-$20 and sometimes you can get a really good deal.

    This way--I am still scrapbooking our journey, being able to blog about it as well, and getting a hard copy to boot.

  3. The perfect solution is

    I LOVE IT!.

    I have made some of the nicest books that way and it's a little less expensive than some of the other companies... you are allowed more pages, etc...

    I've made gifts, too.


  4. Because I'm cheap and a perfectionist, digital scrapbooking is the only way to go for me.

  5. Hey Tonya!!
    It is so good to hear how things are going for you and your family.

    I read a blog called the country blossom and each year she puts her blog pages into a bound book. It looked really nice from her blog pics Her name is Katy. You could look through her archives.
    Take care,

  6. UGH! I am so guilty here too! I blog instead of scrapbook; however my plan is to just put our photos into regular albums where they can remember things w/o all the extra work for me. Honestly, they only looked at the pictures anyway!

  7. Maybe you could do a digital scrapbook? Lots of companies let you upload your digital photos (snapfish, kodak and even Sam's Club) and arrange them in a book to be printed. I've made a few, and they turned out very nicely.

  8. I've used blurb to make a book out of a set of e-mails I sent, and it came out well. I plan to do it with the blog someday... Would love to hear how yours comes out.

  9. Thanks for your post! I enjoy reading other blogs about homeschooling. They are encouraging to us 'newbies' out here :)
    Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Haha, oh that's funny... Sorry, I can't help you with how the books turn out, but I wanted to give you a name of a woman who produces great {free} videos about all things paper-crafting: My Pink Stamper. I found her when we bought our first Cricut. She does a lot of cards, but also does scrapbook layouts and the like. Not that you need the "how to" necessarily, but she's got a great laid back style and I enjoy watching her stuff.

  11. Hobby Lobby sales and coupons!

    It's cheaper that way.


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