Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Huge Cross on the Mountain

cross at burritt

We’ve been trying to go on at least one decent hike a week before the weather gets cold.  This week we were fortunate to somehow fit in two hikes between the rain showers.

Since we first arrived in Alabama, I’ve wanted to hike to the huge cross located at Burritt on the Mountain near Monte Sano State Park. Yesterday we finally made it! We parked in the Trough Springs Trail parking lot, hiked down, around, up, across the road, and up, up, up before the trail leveled off on the easy Discovery Trail that loops around Burritt’s museum property. Not only did we see the magnificent 74 foot high, steel and concrete cross, we also saw some pretty neat Rock Bluffs complete with caves and the kids were able to crawl through a tunnel under Monte Sano Blvd. as we neared the end of the trail.

I really think this is one of my favorite hikes in Huntsville.  I know, I know. I always say that, but each week the scenery just gets better and better. I really wish I could show you some of the pictures from this hike so you could understand, but for now they are hopelessly trapped on my sons phone since he can’t send picture texts.  Why do the batteries in my camera always have to die when I need them?  

I’m hoping to persuade my husband to hike with us this coming weekend before all the leaves disappear off the trees for the winter. We want to stay nearby, I just can’t decide where to go!

Where is your favorite place to hike in the fall?


  1. Hi Tonya,
    It looks like a good place to hike. I haven't found a good place to hike here in Texas yet. When we lived in California we used to go hiking in Yosemite or right outside the park in the National Forest a lot.

  2. Huntsville, Alabama has lots of excellent hikes to go on. It is quite beautiful on the trails.

  3. I love Monte Sano Mountain--everything up there--the park, the community, Burrit park.  Great memories for me in my life--the cross as well!!!  :)

  4. We really miss Monte Sano. We have many great memories as well. We parked our camper at the state park for the first few weeks we were in Huntsville. Unfortunately, it rained nearly that entire time! Not just a bit of rain, lots and lots of rain. Every.Day. :) Oh well, once it stopped we were able to head out and explore those trails. We loved the Stone Cuts. Beautiful.

  5. Does anyone know where the sun sets at the Large Cross location?  I think as you face the cross west would be to the left of the cross.  Am I wrong - this is for a painting I'm doing.  Thanks for any information you can give.


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