Thursday, December 23, 2010

How Important is Socialization to You?

I had an interesting conversation about “socialization” with a homeschool graduate at my husbands’ company Christmas party a couple nights ago. You can read about it at The Company Front Porch and while you’re there, I hope that you can take a moment to share your thoughts on the questions I posed.

Just how important is socialization to you?


  1. I left a small blog post on the other site. . . . .:)

  2. I left a small blog post on the other site. . . . .:)

  3. Thanks Angie, I just enjoyed reading your small blog post- you brought up some great points.

  4. I personally feel that it doesnt matter if the kids are homeschooled or public schooled...if they are shy and quiet... they will be shy and quiet either way.....

    For our family.. it is not something I worry about.. my children relate to older kids and adults much better than they do to kids their own age... and its because thats just how they have always been... we participate in church activities.... community events... as well as play on football/cheer/softball teams....

    I actually believe that my children are getting to enjoy a much better level of socialization that I did going to ps at their age. The fact that they are not around others who curse, talk or behave inappropriately... or who do not share the same beliefs or values as we do every single day for 8 hours each day... I think actually comes out as a positive on our end.. lol.. everything in moderation right? =)

  5. I left this comment on the other post:

    I think that socialization means different things for different kids. I have a 10 year old with special needs, and we hope that he grows into an independent adult. (This is a question mark for us.) We have to consider his needs differently than our other two kids. That's the biggest reason we decided to put him public school last year and this year. Our other two kids are very social creatures, and I'd never be afraid they won't be "socialized" because of homeschooling. My only thoughts concerning them are simply that I WANT to find lots of opportunities for them to hang out with friends because it's fun for them - they enjoy it - not because I'm worried homeschooling is detrimental to their socialization.

    I absolutely loved going to school k-12, love being social, and crave my time with my friends. However, I'm pretty introverted and shy in many situations (very nervous about what to say around people I don't know very well). I joke that I have social anxiety disorder. My husband didn't like school, would have loved to have been homeschooled, doesn't really have a need to hang out with friends, and yet he is soooo great at meeting people and making small talk. I say all of that to say: I think there are so many other factors that come into play, rather than just where someone goes to school. We're all born with certain natures and tendencies, and then those natures and tendencies are shaped further by our experiences and the people leading us. I think those experiences can be positive or negative in homeschooling or public school.


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