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Six years ago, I would have LOVED this product. Before we downsized and began traveling in our 31 foot motor home, I had bookshelves that sagged under the weight of books. Every basket, corner and room in our house had books. Even our vehicle had books! Can you say “typical homeschooling family”? Was it hard to keep track of what we had? You bet! Did I ever purchase a copy of a book I already owned because I had forgotten that I already owned it? Yep, not once, but on several occasions! Did I ever search high and low for a particular title only to remember after the fact that I had loaned the same book to a friend? Too many times to count!

This is why Book Collector offered by would have been extremely helpful to me. This product allows you to catalog your collections. Whether that would be books, your music selections, games, MP3’s or movies, you’ll find a  program that will help you organize your collections before they get out of hand. There is even a separate app that can be downloaded to iPhones and other mobile devices so you always have your list handy- whether that would be titles that you already own or books on your wish list.


I found the program, that can be downloaded to your computer (both Mac and Windows) extremely easy to use. Within minutes of downloading the software I was able to catalog an entire shelf of books by inputting the ISBN from the back covers, allowing me to search my collection by title, author or category. If you really want to be organized you can even sort by groups, subject, publisher and much more. 

book collector 1

If you have a ton of books, like I used to, you can purchase a hand held scanner from the company that will speed up the cataloging process.

I love the feature that allows you to make notes about the book- was it a favorite? Did you read the book during a particular study? Did you lend the book to a friend? Just make a quick note of it and it will save yourself hours of searching for something that isn’t currently in your possession.

There are several different packages of Book Collector currently available. You can purchase the Standard Program for $29.95 or upgrade to the Deluxe Program (what I received as part of the TOS Crew) for $49.95- or for only $9.95 more you can have Book Collector Pro mailed to you on CD in a DVD case. 

Plus, you can visit the Collectorz website and download a free trial version of the software that will get you started on the path to organization. 

You can read what other review members had to say about the product at the TOS Crew Review Blog.

I received this product from in exchange for may honest opinion and review.

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