Thursday, March 18, 2010

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Are you honest with your struggles? Do you openly share with other homeschoolers when things aren’t going exactly as planned?

Sadly, I’ve found if your child wins the local spelling bee quiz, or gets 1st place in the support group science fair, you’re eager to spread the excitement with all your friends and family about those accomplishments, but are you likely to share when your 10-year old child isn’t reading? Or that you are concerned that your child may have a learning disability? Do you openly and honestly share those struggles?

Sadly, the answer isn’t always yes. After all, why open ourselves up to criticism from those who don’t understand? You may even receive well meaning advice from someone that doesn’t have a clue with what you are dealing with. The words that are intended to help may really hurt. I know. I’ve been there. After sharing many of my struggles with my own local support group, I would have mom’s approach me “privately” to ask my opinion about a certain program, only to remark that there is nothing “wrong” with their own child.

To read the entire article, Resources for Struggling Learners, visit Homeschool Classroom.


  1. For me it depends on with whom I share the struggles because it involves my kids, they may not want me sharing everything right? One of our sons has a pretty severe learning glitch, and I dont want to share that with tons of people so that he gets the label put on him. I do tell people that homeschooling five boys is a full time job and leaves both of us feeling exhausted at the end of some days!


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