Saturday, March 13, 2010

Gulfport, Mississippi

For once, I don't have a lot to say other than when we set out on this trip I tried to plan something for everyone. My husband wanted to dig for diamonds, my oldest son wanted to go to the WWII museum, my youngest son wanted to visit the Alamo and my daughter wanted to visit the coast. Me? I was just happy to hit the road.

We'd checked everything but the Gulf off our list and began cruising along towards Alabama. After awhile I realized that I had missed my turn. I knew if we didn't go back, my daughter would be really upset with me so we began the trip back. What I thought would be an hour and a half back turned into two with the traffic and stop lights. My husband was not pleased. Finally, we arrived to see this:

Are you thinking cold, wet and windy? BINGO! But even at that, the brief 20-minute stop made my young 'uns day!

Can you believe this was her favorite aspect of the entire trip?


  1. She must be a true water person! Some people are water people....others are mountain people. And there are those in between. She looks so happy! Cold, but happy! :) Glad you all had a great time!

  2. Couldn't help but chuckle. When we first moved here I couldn't wait to go see the Ocean, since I had only seen it once in my life, I didn't care that it was February, cold, windy, wet, and our hotel had a faulty heater! What we won't do to satisfy our desires and those of our kids!

  3. Cold, windy, rainy - still jealous. Haven't seen the ocean in a couple of years. Maybe a long weekend this summer - looking at Tybee Island.

  4. Yes, Tracy, A water person she is! She hates Alabama after our extended stay to Virginia Beach!

    Debbie, your comment reminded me of our last stay in VB. It was January, and yet we were out of the hotel everyday on the shore. The wind would be stinging our faces and our eyes would be watering, but we just couldn't miss it! LOL

    Diane, If you go to Tybee Island I'll be looking forward to reading about that on your blog! It looks gorgeous!:)

  5. Hi, Tonya--

    This is Susan S. from the Curriculum Choice. I am so impressed that you all actually do this travel-school thing. It sounds like so much fun!

    Our family has spent some time on the Gulfcoast, and we love it, too! Go back when the weather is a little more cooperative.

    Thanks for sharing about your travels--what a blessing!

  6. Wow...if you are ever in Ohio, swing by and pick me up! I'd love to hop all over with ya! Looks like so much fun.

  7. Hey Tonya,

    It's Cindy from TCC. I've visited your blog a few times, but I don't think I've ever left a comment. Shame on me! I LOVE the fact that you and your family travel full-time! Wow - what a dream (and I have to admit a nightmare at the same time. LOL)

    It would be super awesome to live a life of wonderful field trips and real learning opportunities. At the same time, I get kind of grouchy in rv-sized spaces. HaHa.

    Hope you're feelin' the love today!


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