Thursday, March 25, 2010

5 People, 1 Dog in a Camper for 1 Year

I can't believe it has been nearly a year since we bought our camper and excitedly drove it to Alabama, embarking on our grand adventure. Of course, like many things in life, it didn't actually turn out as we had planned. We have taken a few trips, but we've not spent all our time on the go. Or even a fraction of our time for that matter. Since we began traveling with my husbands' job four years ago, we've spent more time not mobile in the past year than ever before. Oh sure, we'd travel back and forth to Atlanta on occassion,and to Ohio to visit, but mainly we've been here exploring all there is to see in Northern Alabama. But things are about to change. And I'm very excited.

No, we are not hitting the open road. For some it may even seem like we are taking a step backwards. For us we are taking a very necessary step. We are moving. Not from Northern Alabama. From our camper.

My husband has been offered a position that was just too good to pass up so we've decided to stay. Though our hearts are with our family and friends in Ohio, we've decided the time has come to put some roots down here. It just doesn't make sense for us to stay in our camper for the next four to five years if we're just sitting still. So, we're looking for an apartment or a house that we will be renting while we continue to save money to buy land of our own....wherever it may be that we eventually decide to really settle down.

If you found this blog and stick around because you have enjoyed reading about our adventures, don't be alarmed. We'll still have those so I hope you will continue to stop by. I have no intention on giving up our field trips and other excursions. Plus, we're planning a couple other fun trips this year that I hope you'll enjoy reading about. But for now, I guess I'm becoming a once and future full-time RVer. You know what? I'm really looking forward to this new chapter in our lives.


  1. Congratulations! This is just another kind of adventure! Happy house hunting!

  2. How exciting for you! I know you must be SO ready for some steady roots! LOL

    Congratulations on your husband's new job!

  3. that is wonderful! but, sad for ohio! :) you will enjoy having a house again, I'm sure. :)

  4. We'll be laying roots down around the same time... I was disappointed you didn't visit another time before I moved but I hope you will bring yourselves to the midwest for a visit. Congratulations to Rod for a job offer. Enjoy this new adventure.

  5. Looks like I missed out on all the traveling adventures!

    But I am happy that your husband has been able to find a good job and putting down roots can be nice.

    I pet it will be nice to be in a house again too!

  6. It will be a new and different adventure for your family. Looking forward to seeing what you can cook up. Glad to hear about your husband's new job.

  7. Congrats!!! It will be a good chance to relax and breath in the extra space.... plus you can use this time to fix and redo things on the camper... for your next weekender or whatever... Thats what we did... we have been "camped" in my friends guest house for 6 months or so now... will be going back in the rv ft in like 5 days!!! It was a good break... and we refurbished some stuff... =)

    Have fun house hunting and looking forward to your new adventures!

  8. Wow, that is big news! I look forward to seeing what is ahead for you.


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