Monday, March 29, 2010

While the Kids are Away...

...the husband and I barely know what to do with ourselves. Really. So, we went to Tunica, Mississippi. What's in Tunica? I'll give you a hint:

We aren't gamblers so the casino left a bit to be desired. I'd heard that the food at the casino is much like cruise food and it would be an excellent place to eat so we tried the buffet but didn't care much for it. In all fairness, we did arrive on Seafood night and frankly, we don't like seafood. Maybe another option would have been better but sushi, clams and shrimp in everything...ewwww....'nuf said!

We had planned to stroll along the Mississippi, but somewhere between the Alabama and Mississippi State Line, the temperature dropped considerably. I was wearing a light blouse, but had failed to pack a jacket. So much for that idea.

My husband would have enjoyed a show if there would have been something with illusions or clean comedy, but they don't have a regular schedule of shows to choose from.

Probably not the best pick for us, so we were only there long enough to eat. I know, what were we thinking? It's just not our cup of tea. If you are planning a trip to Tunica, I'd certainly tell you to do some research in advance. There are some musuems that look interesting, plus it's on the Blues trail and downtown is cute and quaint. Gambling isn't the only draw in town.

Last week we also discovered our local Dollar Theater again.Can you believe that you can get your movie ticket, popcorn, drinks and some snacks for only $1? Talk about a cheap date!

We couldn't resist watcing two movies. Our first pick was Sherlock Holmes, but we decided we didn't care for it and left- after all we were only out $2- why stick around?

The next time we gave the much talked about The Blind Side a shot. The Blind Side was very good and our kids were watching it in Ohio with their grandparent's at the same time! How neat is that? Anyway, I would caution if you haven't seen it and plan to watch it with your kids, this probably isn't one for young kids. Just my opinion. There are some words that I could have done without hearing and a couple phrases, but overall, it is a very good movie. The kids have already decided it should be added to our movie collection.

Yesterday, my husband and I headed outdoors for a fun hike. Of course the fur baby is still here and he's always eager to head outdoors so we can't really deprive him can we? We went to a nearby hiking trail that has a beautiful trail around a lake.

It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed being in the outdoors and in each other's company, but honestly...we're ready to have our children home again. We miss them.


  1. A good time with hubby is a good thing, even if it's not quite perfect. At least you got to see a good movie eventually, right?

  2. We all need time together without the kids, even if it doesn't work out quite like we expected.

    It's so funny though how we desire this time without the kids, but then we can't wait to get them back.


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