Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Online Classes an Incredible Tool for Homeschooling Families

currclick open house

My kids have participated in several of the live classes offered at Currclick. For our traveling family, the live classes have afforded a simple way for them to take a class on a subject that appealed to them without leaving the camper or hotel.  As long as we’ve had internet access, the classes have worked beautifully. They’ve taken a couple classes together and recently my daughter participated in a newsletter writing class and last week she finished a live photography class  where she concentrated on creating her own photography portfolio.

I was really excited about this class and feel it was very beneficial to her.  She met with her teacher and classmates each week in a virtual classroom where she would discuss the assignment that her teacher had given her from the previous week with the other students. Normally they would spend time critiquing each others work based on the criteria that her teacher had outlined.   The pictures below are examples of what she took as part of her class assignments.  The first one is a nature photo, followed by two landscapes and a unique self portrait.   

mooresville 017


ohio june trip 236

ohio june trip 196This week CurrClick is hosting a free open house where you can meet the online instructors and learn more about the 50+ classes that are offered which include anything from history and literature to cooking and guitar lessons. There really is something for just about any area of interest. The classes are also very affordable ranging anywhere from a couple bucks for a single class to $70 or so for a class that would last the entire semester.

Just so you know, if you do sign up for classes, I am an affiliate so a small portion of your total will be credited to my account which will give me a discount on the classes my kids will take this fall so I’d be grateful if you’d sign up through the link at the top of the page.   

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