Thursday, July 1, 2010

Gotta Love those Referrals!

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Once again, I'd just like to take the time to say thank you to all of you for referring readers to my blog. I've compiled a listing of the top referring websites that looks quite a bit different from last month. Thanks so much to all of you that share my button, links or blog address!

    1. A great resource for Full-time RV Travelers or those that want to be.
    2. We are that Family is an amazing blog that's home to Works for me Wednesday, a popular meme that runs the first Monday of every month where bloggers share their best tip in regards to the current theme.
    3.Homeschool Blogger Company Front Porch - If you’d like to read more of my views on homeschooling, this would be the place to go. You’ll also find posts about homeschooling through high school, homeschooling one child or many, homeschooling special needs children, the importance of communication, organization tips and more. A great site for those new and old to homeschooling. There’s sure to be something for everyone. By the way, have you checked out the HSB’s new Wordpress platform? Wow!
    4.In the Heart of My Home is a lovely blog about homeschooling, motherhood, children, family, Catholicism and a little bit of everything actually. You really should stop by this one!
    5. Families on the Road- I’ve read this blog for years! Ever since we first dreamed of traveling I would pull this side up and read through page by page and then moving on to the blogs written by traveling families. A number of the blogs in my reader came from this site. If you’re interested in hitting the road, this is the place to start!
    7. Simply Taunyais a blog in my reader about a family that has just embarked on their first RV adventure. They are taking the summer to visit Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Utah, Nevada and Northern California.
    8. The Homeschool Classroom- A homeschooling group blog that I’ve enjoyed reading for nearly a year and one I’ve been a writer for since November. I read this one everyday as I’m always encouraged and challenged by what the other writers have to say.
    9. Our Full Nest" average family with more than an average number of kids." Denise has six children, three boys and three girls ranging in age from 3 to 22. She even has a granddaughter just a few months younger than her youngest daughter. She blogs about homeschooling, reviews of various products and family life.
    10. Passport Academy- Winner of the 2009 Best Eclectic Homeschool Blog Award, this is the cutest blog! Teacher Mom writes about the experiences she has homeschooling her three young children. I think you’ll enjoy reading a bit about them and how they got started, maybe some of you can relate.
A huge THANK YOU to these sites as well as the many other sites that have referred people here.

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  1. Tonya - Thank you for mentioning us! We are having fun...lots of stuff to learn, like I cannot download scrapbook stuff with a limited broadband account :)


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