Saturday, July 17, 2010

Check out this Deal!

Buy the 2010 Entertainment Book!

Just wanted to tell you about this incredible deal that the 2010 Entertainment Book is offering. Now until August 2nd you can purchase any two Entertainment Books for only $10! That's a $60 savings for you! These books will expire at the end of the year, but you'll still have just over 4 months to use them and at only $5 each, I'm convinced that you'll be able to get your monies worth.

Our family is planning to take a couple trips in the near future to Nasville, Birmingham, Atlanta and Ohio- so I checked out the website to see if any of the places we'd planned to visit offered any discounts in the book and guess what? They certainly do!

You may remember that the kids and I visited Nashville a couple months ago and saw the outside of the Parthenon but didn't go inside (nor had we planned to on that trip). Well, since we watched Percy Jackson and the Olympians, they now want to go back and and actually go inside this time. The Entertainment Book actually has a coupon for Buy-1-Get-1 Admission. At $8 a piece, we'll pay for our book right there! Of course we won't stop there, we plan to visit many of the attractions that we'll have coupons for. How could we pass that up?

Want to see how much money you can save? Just click on the button at the top of this post.

Have you ever purchased an Entertainment Book? What did you think, was it worth it?

*Disclaimer:If you purchase through my site, I will make a little bit of money off the purchase, which I will use to fund the gas for my vehicle for Field Trip Fridays, of which my husband will be grateful. Just so you know.

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