Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Though we've been on the road 'unofficially' off and on for nearly the past four years, we've not missed a Thanksgiving 'at home' surrounded with all our family and friends. In the past, as the much anticipated holiday event approached, we'd take the week off school to clean and beautifully decorate and prepare OUR home for visitors because for the past three years, Thanksgiving dinner was held at our house. It was an event that we all looked forward to- one we'd hoped would become tradition and just "one of those things" that I'm sad to see end.

So...I was absolutely thrilled when my sister-in-law, who also lives out of state, suggested that we celebrate Thanksgiving her house. It would save them a trip to Ohio and we'd still spend the holiday with family. And...this is so great...I can do all the cooking, in a real kitchen! I'm excited, my kids are excited and my husband is looking forward to a day off work and relaxing visit with loved ones. So, Tennessee, here we come....Happy Travels Y'all!


  1. What great news. Hope the day is wonderful for you and your family!


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