Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Mouse in our House

There is a mouse in our house. Apparently mice love motor homes. Who knew? I had no idea. I guess it wouldn't be a big deal if our camper was rambling down the highway every so often, but since we've been stable for awhile now that's just one of the causalities of sitting still.

This is how it began. We were sitting outside when my husband moved a camp chairs from the ground and a mouse scurried out from underneath. My husband was going to kill it, but it was so cute! I begged him not to injure the creature and at my wish, the mouse was spared. Oh how I regret that plea. It wasn't a few days later when I began to see evidence of a mouse in our house! The first clue I noticed was that the toilet paper had been nibbled and shredded and then I found mouse poo nearby!

As if that wasn't evidence enough, several nights later my husband and I awoke to a chewing, gnawing sound coming from the cabinet above our bed. No amount of yelling, pounding or shaking could convince the mouse to shut up and leave. So, I went to the store to buy traps. Lots of them. My husband strategically arranged them inside the cubby above our heads and we waited in anticipation. But it appears that we have a smart mouse because once the traps were in place, he moved.

We now have traps covering every inch above and below the bed, in the bathroom and no mouse. Then we realized that the mouse had moved to the front of the camper and was now keeping the boys awake.

Back to the store to buy more traps. At this point, you couldn't even reach into a cupboard without fear of getting your fingers snapped and yet we still had not caught a mouse! In desperation we decided to use the De-con, it wasn't long before we noticed that our camper had a bit of an odor. Assuming that the De-con had finally worked, we began to remove some of the traps. My husband lifted our bed and there was our mouse, caught in one trap which then flipped over into one of the sticky traps which somehow managed to push itself into another trap which got the mouses feet and tail. Finally the traps had worked and it had only taken three to catch our mouse!


  1. Oh my.... we found a mouse in our RV... he was dead.. and in the little door thing that leads to the thermostat..... It was soo gross to pull him out of there...

    THen I was weeding the grass underneath us..(we had been parked for a few weeks and I didnt want to make it easy for the little buggers to get in from underneath)... and I came across a whole nest!! Babies and everything!! On one hand it was so sad... the little babies were too cute.... but then on the other side... I dont want them in the RV with us... munching on wires and hoses... messing things up... =)

    We will be ft back in our RV by the end of January. I wish we could afford to do some traveling.. but alas... we cant.. so we will be parked....

    Stop by my blog sometime... we have much in common!! =)

    Blessings to you!

  2. Oh my goodness. Thankfully you have your husband to pick up the caught mouse. I couldn't even do that I'm afraid. Glad to hear there is no longer a mouse in your house.


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