Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Day and Deals...

Wednesday night we set off on our 3 1/2 hour journey to East Tennessee where we had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family on Thursday. As we were watching the Macy's day parade, we wondered why we had never thought of watching it live in New York City? Well the wheels began turning...maybe next year? Anyone ever watched the live parade and have any tips for me?

It turned out that my brother-in-law joined me in the kitchen, so I wasn't the only cook for the day. We only had a few minor mishaps, we forgot to cook the ham, not good for those that don't like turkey, the sweet potato casserole wasn't finished on time and I had mistakenly bought Brownie topping and not brown icing for the cookie craft that I had planned for the kids to make. They were to construct turkeys out of cookies and paint on their faces. Due to my mistake, you couldn't really tell what the turkeys were so I won't bother posting a pic. They weren't at all cute like the website I found them on. That's okay though, the kids still had fun making them and the worse they looked the funnier it was to watch them and listen to their comments!

We visited for a couple hours after dinner before making the trek back to Alabama. While driving through Chattanooga, once more I tried and was unsuccessful in coercing my husband to allow us to stop at the historic Chattanooga Choo Choo. That's okay though, I'd rather stop when we can spend the night in one of the train cars which my daughter thinks would be the coolest.

We arrived home to a freezing camper Thanksgiving night, thankful to be home. For a brief few minutes, I thought about joining the crowds and getting a start on my Christmas shopping, and then I remembered the year I had climbed out of bed at 3 a.m. to get in on the madness. That memory was enough to persuade me to stay home, in bed, snoozing away...I did do some online shopping though.

I found some awesome deals at C28, a Christian clothing store, and bought t-shirts for $10 each. They are offering their Black Friday sale until Sunday, November 29th. We were first introduced to C28 at a Decyfer Down concert in October. The band members wear and promote the clothing line and passed out fliers. Curious, we took a look and my kids couldn't wait to add to their wardrobe. I love the message that you find on the clothes, the statements are definitely bold. I used to think that people didn't really pay attention to what t-shirts say, but after wearing one that I picked up I now know that's not the case. In fact, if you're going to wear it, be prepared to answer the questions that will follow. We love this line of clothes...take a look and let me know what you think.

Christian tee shirts from NOTW

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