Friday, October 14, 2011

Body of Evidence DVD: The Skeletal System, Cartilage, & Bone

 skeletal system

As a member of  Timberdoodle's Blogger Review Team I was thrilled to receive a free copy of the Skeletal System, Cartilage & Bone Parts 1 & 2 DVD by Body of Evidence in exchange for my honest review.

My 16 year old enjoyed Biology and the few dissections that we did so much last year that he asked specifically to learn more about the Human Body and Anatomy as part of his studies this year. For my visual/audio learner, the Body of Evidence DVD’s couldn’t fit more perfectly. 

The Body of Evidence DVD 2 - the Skeletal System is actually a recorded as an informal presentation given by Dr. David Menton. It is broken down into two parts, each are very manageable at just under 40 minutes in length. 

The majorityof the program shows Dr. Menton speaking at a table with two students as he refers to his computer screen or classroom skeleton. The material is presented in easy to understand language and a laid back style that includes fascinating facts about the human body that I never knew.  Take the ear bones for instance;  

  • did you know what they are the smallest bones in the body?
  • they are also the only bones in the body that do not grow.
  • and, they happen to be the only bones in the body that are solid, all other bones are hollow.

Some of the topics covered include the different types of cartilage, different cells that are found in the cartilage, the different functions of the bones, a comparison of cartilage and bone, the types of cells found in the bones and the two different components of bones. 

I encouraged my children to take notes as they watched the DVD and at the end we discussed what they had learned.

I knew my 16 year old would enjoy the lectures but surprisingly, so did my 15 year old that bores very easily. This is what she had to say when I asked her what she thought ….

“I’m not at all interested in anatomy and the skeletal system so at first I didn’t really pay too much attention because I expected it to be really boring. When I began to listen, I was surprised to find out that the DVD was actually interesting. I really learned a lot and I’m looking forward to watching some of the other DVD’s in the series.”

If you’re looking for DVD’s to supplement your anatomy study or simply want to offer your children an overview without a full blown course, the Body of Evidence DVD Curriculum - Set of 8 DVDS are a great way to do just that! The Skeletal System, Cartiliage & Bone Parts 1 & 2 retails for $14.99 or you can purchase the entire 8 volume set for a reduced rate of $99.95.

If you’d like to read reviews written by other homeschooling parents you’ll find them here.

I’ve been purchasing homeschool supplies and homeschool curriculum from Timberdoodle since we began homeschooling 13 years ago. They are my FAVORITE homeschool company so I’m honored to be able to do an occasional review for them!

I wholeheartedly encourage you to stop by the Timberdoodle website to take a look at all the wonderful products they offer. While you’re there, don’t forget to request a free homeschool catalog


  1. Thanks, Tonya.  I've just got on your site to see how you are doing.  I am so glad to read about this, as we are studying the Apologia anatomy, and Joshua was wanting to take the Landry academy biology course, but it was too much money for this late of notice, so I was contemplating about purchasing the 8 DVD set for my whole family to watch.  I didn't want to purchase it at first but now reading your review, I know we'll all enjoy it.  I appreciate your opinion and blog.

  2. Grace, I'm so glad you stopped by! Wow, have I missed you- especially now that we are back in Ohio. :) Things certainly aren't the same. My number is the same- I'd love if you would call me and we could catch up. :)


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