Monday, October 10, 2011


It happened.

I turned the big 4-0.

Amazing, huh?

When I was in fifth grade and my teacher mentioned that she had turned 40, I just knew I was never going to live to be THAT old. EVER.

Nope, I probably wouldn’t make it much past the ripe old age of 25. And yet here I am. 40.

And you know what? 40 doesn’t seem nearly as old as it did when I was 10.

Isn’t that funny?

Hope you’re all having a very blessed week….:)


  1. Happy Birthday Tonya!

  2. Woohoo!!  I felt the same about turning 30 this year.  It used to seem so old, and now, it doesn't.  :)  Have a great day!

  3. Happy birthday!!! I'm there with you next year!

  4. Happy be-lated birthday!  It gets better after 40  8)

  5. Thanks, Penny! I guess that gives you something to look forward to, huh? :)


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