Monday, February 7, 2011

Woo Hoo! My Etsy Shop Name is Chosen!

Last week I sent a plea out to my readers asking you to help me name my upcoming Etsy shop. I was blown away by the response! Honestly, based on my experience with contests and giveaways, I expected to have maybe five or six entries. Instead, I received 33 name ideas here on my blog, one on Facebook, and yet more from some of my friends via e-mail! My “easy” decision suddenly became Incredibly difficult!

So, I began the process of elimination—did I tell you this was hard? First, I went through the names and determined which ones were already in use on Etsy. Next, I went through the remaining names to see if the name was available as a domain, in case I decide I’d like to eventually buy the website. Finally, I asked for my family’s opinion. I even called my mom in Ohio and ran the names by her. There was one name that everyone really liked and for branding purposes, it fits. 

Without further delay…. the name of my soon- to- open Etsy shop will be… 


Thank you to Dana, a full-time RVing mom who is currently living in a fifth wheel with her family of 13, exploring the US one state at a time.  I hope you stop over at her blog, at Our Traveling Tribe to read about some of their many adventures.

Dana will have her choice of one item from my Etsy store. But to let you all know how much I appreciate your thoughts and ideas, everyone that submitted a name will receive a coupon for 50% one item.

Thank you all! You gals are one very creative bunch!

Homeschool moms, don’t miss my latest giveaway from The Schoolhouse Expo- a Expo to Go prize pack.  


  1. Somehow I missed the post about this... just read it and I LOVE the idea. What a wonderful way to use these cute souvenirs! Are you going to let people send you their special smashies to turn into jewelry?... Great idea... great name. I wish you the very best!

    Kerri in AL :-)

  2. LOVE IT! It's the perfect name!

  3. Cool - best of luck with this new venture! Sorry I haven't been around much lately - been kind of tied between trying to rest and stop getting sick all the time LOL. Just wanted you to know that I am *almost* ready to start offering Wordpress designs...I have located a template provider with developer rights etc and will be in touch shortly :)

  4. What a great name! Good luck with your new venture. I bet it is a huge success!


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