Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Deep Fried Peanuts: A Southern Delicacy?

Since moving to the South, I’ve noticed a few items on the shelves at the grocery store that one normally doesn’t encounter in the Northern States.  Items like Boiled Peanuts, Muscadines, Chit’lins, Gumbo, Jambalaya and Grapico are all items that were once (and some are still) unfamiliar to me.

Recently I encountered a bag of Deep Fried Peanuts that claim to be so good you could eat them ‘shell and all’. Hmmm…since my husband loves peanuts, I decided to pick up a bag.  I couldn’t bring myself to eat the entire shell but there was someone in our house that thought he’d give it a try. And no it wasn’t my husband. Here’s a hint…

   ohio trip 001

Does he look guilty to you?

We arrived home after church to discover nearly an entire bag of Deep Fried Peanuts scattered all over the living room floor. I guess that’s what we get for leaving the bag in reach of the dog?

It seems that he liked them better than the rest of us, even if he did seem to mope around a bit later in the day.

I have no idea what fresh Deep Fried Peanuts would taste like, but imagine that they’d be quite a bit better  than the bagged version we tried that I thought were a bit too greasy.

Peanuts + Grease = a bad combination (in my humble opinion, of course).

So, what kind of delicacies (delicious or not) do you have in your neck of the woods that may not be found in other corners of our world?


  1. Hi there....we have two things that WE love and don't find other places.... Salt Potatoes is the 1st...they are small white potatoes that you cook in salt water, the salt sticks to the skin of the potato and you dip them into melted butter! Mostly a summer thing....also Chicken (or pork) Speedies. They are small cut up pieces of Marinated meat (we like chicken the best) marinated in Speedie Sauce (a sauce you buy in our stores) similar to a strong Italian Dressing. Then you grill and put on a roll! YUMMO

    FYI - doing another Lego Mania linky case the kids want to join in!

  2. I've never heard of Salt Potatoes or Chicken Speedies! I do on occasion marinate my chicken in Italian dressing-- does that come close? :)

    I LOVE potatoes so I think Salt Potatoes would appeal to me more than the Deep Fried Peanuts. :)


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