Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Help me Name My Etsy Shop and Win a One of a Kind Piece of Jewelry



Smashed pennies. Squished pennies. Pressed Pennies. Flattened Pennies. Elongated pennies. It doesn’t matter what you call them, they’re all the same thing; souvenir pennies.  Several times, I’ve mentioned my affection for themIt doesn’t matter where  I go, if there is a penny smashing machine nearby, I know I’m going home with a pocket full of souvenir pennies.

Over the years, my dear family has learned to humor me, because I have to tell you, they’ve not understood my addiction  …until now. 

I love my souvenir pennies. Sometimes I add them to a scrapbook page, or turn them in to a magnet that hangs on the refrigerator but nine times out of ten, they get thrown into our treasure trunk along with all the mementos we collect on our trips, never to be seen again. Okay, well maybe that’s a wee bit dramatic. But the truth is, I’ve been trying to figure out a practical way to display my collection. So, I began thinking- dangerous, I know.  I love souvenir pennies. I love jewelry. Why not combine the two?  So I did . And I love the result. Check out this charm bracelet I made from souvenir pennies.        

smashed penny souvenir jewelry 4

Or this necklace.

smashed penny souvenir jewelry 1

And here’s another.

smashed penny souvenir jewelry 3   

I’m also working on pieces with Disney souvenir pennies that are going to be super cute…think pirates….ARRRRR…. and Tinkerbell …and … well, you get the picture.

Anyway, my family loves them and I’m having so much fun making them that I’ve decided I’m going to open an Etsy shop. Hopefully, I’ll be able to sell one of the jewelry pieces crafted from souvenir pennies every now and then. But here’s where you come in. I NEED help.

Names and titles are not my strong point. So, I’ve decided to have a contest. Help me chose a name for my Etsy shop and you’ll have a chance to win ANY one item, of any value, pictured above or from my store which I hope to open the end of next week- I’m just waiting on that name! So, what do you say? Are you in?

Here’s what you do. It’s simple. Leave a comment on my blog between now and this Sunday, February 6th and tell me what name you would choose. If you have more than one idea, leave more than one entry. 

I will select a name from the entries and the winner will receive a jewelry item of their choice. If I am unable to use a name for whatever reason, I will randomly draw a winner from all the entries. That’s it! It’s that easy. Just make sure when you leave your comment that you also leave your email address so I’m able to contact you.

I will announce the winner here on Live the Adventure next Monday, February 7th.

Wanna play along? What would you name an Etsy store that sells an eclectic mix of travel related products and one of a kind jewelry made from souvenir pennies?


  1. I'll be thinking about it . . . . Squished Penny books are a big seller in Newport, Oregon. I wish we had kept the collection from way back when . . . it woud be fun!

  2. Hmm - what about Smashin' Designs?

    I love squished pennies too. I think your jewelry is a fabulous idea!

  3. "Penny for your Thoughts"

    (We love smashed pennies too! LOVE them!)

  4. "Smashingly Beautiful"

    ravenzwife (at) gmail.com
    (the comment above this one is me too, I just forgot to leave my email.)

  5. "Show Me The Money!"

    ravenzwife (at) gmail.com

  6. I love this idea by the way.

    I think as far as "branding" goes, since you have an established blog, I would go with "Living the Adventure" or "Adventurous Journeys".

    shanrei at yahoo dot com

  7. It's just gotta be: Penny Bling! Enter me up~I'm a bling wearn' gal~
    Thanks for letting me know~we are soo covered up this week (first week!) Woot!

  8. okay, another idea~

    Copper Craft Creations

    HTH ;-))

  9. I'm on a roll....LOL...

    Stamped Copper Creations

  10. Maybe one last one:

    Pressed Penny Pretties
    Unique Jewelery Items

    HOPE this all turns out well for you~LOVE THE IDEA! ;-)) I'm a beader...soo I make this stuff but NOT with pressed pennies! ;-)) VERY unique!!

  11. What about "A Penny for the Miles" ? :)

  12. Ohhhhh, love the idea! How cool!

    How about "Travel Memories"?

  13. Personally, I'd call your store Tonya's Two Cents! I LOVE the jewelry you've made. Can't wait to see the Disney creations.

  14. Hey, here's another idea . . .
    what about Penny Obsession?

  15. Oh, or since you're going to sell travel-related stuff too, how about Two Cents Travel?

  16. So many great ideas! I was thinking "Tonya's Trinkets."

  17. I'll have to think to come up with a name suggestion, but in the meantime I have to say I LOVE THESE! I'm obsessed with smooshed pennies to. I keep a steady supply of quarters and good pennies with me at all times! But I will not be making jewelry from mine, so I'll just have to use you as a resource for that!

  18. We're also big fans of the souvenir pennies. This is a great way to use them! How about "Centsible Designs?"

  19. How about Penny Adventures. or
    The Travelling penny.

  20. ooooo....love these ideas!

    "Finders Keepers"
    "Travel Trinkets"
    "Tiny Treasures"

  21. I have no ideas, but am loving everyone else's! I look forward to doing a little shopping in your soon to be named shop too!

  22. How about:

    A Pretty Penny
    The Perfect Penny

  23. I love the jewelry! What a great idea! (I'm not one bit creative, so I can't help with the name...)

  24. I love the jewerly!!!
    What about: "Tonya's Treasures"; "Tonya's Traveling Treasures"; "Tonya's Travel Treasures"?

  25. I just followed over here from Twitter! I'm also a homeschool Mom and an Etsian. I love your idea and your creations! There are alot of great suggestions for a name for your shop. I can't think of anything more except that whatever you pick, don't lock yourself into just one product. Pick a name that will give you "wiggle room". The Lord might give you other product ideas to expand your shop with! Blessings!

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. What a great idea! I love the bracelets!

    Hmmm... for a name, how about...
    "Sharing (or Share In) the Adventure"
    or, if you are going to specialize in jewelry, what about...
    "Wear the Adventure!"

    :)love your ideas for squished pennies, but I don't think that my son is going to appreciate my new interest in his smooshed penny collection! LOL!

    blessdx11@yahoo.com ;)

  28. I stopped by to see your jewelry, and I love it!! I think someone mentioned A Pretty Penny. I really like that name. Oh, and I just signed up to follow your blog. :)


  29. What a fun idea - very cool way to use those pennies.

    I like the name:

    Jewelry Cents
    Cents-ible and Fun Jewelry

    Good Luck!

    lco dot kim at gmail dot com (I follow you via RSS)


I love hearing what you think! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment! Blessings!:)

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