Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Welcome and a Free Offer

Welcome to The Traveling Praters! If you are stopping by from the Homeschool Channel and this is your first visit, I’d like to offer you a special gift and quickly tell you a bit about me and my site.

I am a homeschooling mom of three teenagers that has spent extensive time on field trips and traveling with my husband’s job, which once lead us to be a full-time RV family! You can read more about me and my family on my About Page

I mainly write about the fun, family friendly, educational travel that we experience, travel tips, money saving secrets, and homeschool curriculum reviews.  If you’re interested in some of those posts, My Top Ten of 2011 will give you a good example of what I share at The Traveling Praters.

I also share information on upcoming Homeschool Days, like the 2012 Winter Homeschool Days at the Creation Museum and other family friendly events.

I am currently updating my site and have some exciting changes planned. If you’d like to know when this happens, you may choose to stay in touch by:

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As promised, I have a special gift just for stopping by my site Field Trip Notebooking Pages, a free excerpt from my upcoming family travel e-book, due to be released in February 2012. 

FT notebooking pages snip

I hope you enjoy what I’ve put together for you and I hope to see you here again!


  1. HI there found you thru Weird unsocialized home schoolers:)  I love Field trip too and have now followed via face book and GFC.  I have started a home schooling Field trip hop at  Also I have a personal blog at  We go on tons of Field trips.

    Love the notebooking pages, I just started doing notebooking with my two children.  have a great day

  2. Very cool to find you! We are not full-timers, but enjoy our RV travels and roadschooling:)

  3. Found you from the Notebooking Fairy!  Thanks for the free field trip pages - and it's especially helpful to have your page there with tips on how to use the various layouts!  Can't wait to use these!

  4. These notebooking pages are great! What a wonderful way to document what you're learning! Thanks for sharing them.

  5. We sold our RV when that adventure was over- how I regret that decision! :( My husband and I would love to buy a small travel trailor and continue some of our travels. Our kids on the other hand....since our trip to Seattle they just want to fly everywhere. :)

  6. So glad that you stopped by! I'm glad you found the notebooking pages useful and hope that you're able to document tons of fun, memorable outings using them. :)

  7. So glad that you stopped by! Stay tuned, I'll be adding more notebooking pages in the coming weeks. :)

  8. Anna-Marie, Thanks for stopping by. I'm so glad that you've discovered the benefits of notebooking with your children. Notebooking and field trips just go hand in hand in my opinion. :) I stopped by your field trip site and love it!

  9. God's timing is ALWAYS perfect!  Today we enjoyed museums for free in Cleveland since it was Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  We will be using them tomorrow also since we have an additional field trip.  Thank you for the work you have shared with all of us.  What a blessing !

  10. Wow! I'm so glad that you are able to use the notebooking pages! It's good to know that someone is putting them to use. I'm also excited to hear that you were able to take advantage of the free days offered at many of the Cleveland museums! Have fun creating those notebooks!


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