Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Planning Your Year for Success at On the Company Porch

I have to be honest. The past year I was not diligent in planning our school year and it was a flop. Not completely, my kids still managed to complete some tasks and learned quite a bit; but since I’d not taken the time to write down what I wanted to see accomplished, my ideas kept changing. It’s hard to complete a task if my idea of what should be completed keeps changing.

Since I didn’t take the time to update our schedule of what needed to be completed each day, it never really became habit and we aimlessly wandered through the day with the kids saying “What next?” I could give you a hundred and one excuses as to why I didn’t do the work that was required of me, but I dislike excuses so I’ll just fess up and admit I blew it. Even for the relaxed mama I am. Or like to think I am. Our school year was a pretty poor representation of what a homeschool should or could look like.

Won’t you join me at On the Company Porch on the Homeschool Blogger to read the rest of the post?  

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