Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Few Thoughts….

Did you see the guest post from Barb who blogs at The Handbook of Nature Study on Monday? She wrote a beautiful post about a trip she took to Oregon. If you aren’t familiar with Barb or her blog, I hope that you’ll hop over and take a look around. Her blog is an incredible resource for homeschooling or nature loving families and has been among my favorites for years.

I’m excited to announce two other guest bloggers that I adore coming up as well, Angie from Petra School and Taunya from Taunya’s Place.  I’m grateful to all three of these ladies for sharing some of their adventures and hope that you will consider submitting a guest post. I’ve tried to make it easy on you by creating this easy-peasy-handy-dandy form.   

I’m especially grateful for those guest post submissions because right now I’m struggling a bit to fit blogging into my regular routine since our crazy month of July.  I promise I didn’t make up a word of that story!

Well, as crazy and unsettled as July proved to be, August has proven to be every bit as hectic. I’ve been transporting my son to football practice over an hour away six days a week, trying to find a home to rent that meets my entire families ideal of perfection and fits in our budget, wrapping up the final details on a much needed family vacation, AND planning the 2011-2012 school year for my children all without internet. Until last month I’d never fully imagined how dependent I have become to the access of information at my fingertips. 

I hope you’ll stick with me and aren’t terribly disappointed by my lack of posting. I have a list of posts that I intend to write but in the meantime I need to take some time to regroup before diving back in. Don’t worry, I’ll be back, things may just be a bit quiet on my end for a little while. :)  


  1. I certainly hope August gets better for you! Saying a little prayer for you (again). You will be forgiven for not posting. ;0)

  2. Take your time, you've got a lot on your plate!  OMG, I couldn't imagine life without internet...  :)


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