Friday, July 15, 2011

Stay Tuned...

I know I've been absent. Shortly after arriving in Ohio for our it's-sort-of-a-vacation-getaway, my computer died. I took it to the repair man who promised to have it back to me no later than five days. That was nearly two weeks ago. Should I be worried?

Normally two weeks without a computer or Internet would really freak me out. I can't guess how many times I log on during the day to quickly check my emails, Twitter, write a blog post, or simply look something up online. I've been so busy the past two weeks that honestly, not having my fingers attached to the keyboard hasn't really phased me.

I held my new baby nephew for the first time, spent a beautiful day along the shores of Lake Erie with my parents and children, went to Amish Country while my kids screamed their way through the roller coasters at Cedar Point, and celebrated my 19th wedding anniversary with my wonderful husband.

I'd love to tell you everything we've been up to but some of it will have to wait until next's top secret! But a little exciting at the same time.

Stay tuned...

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