Saturday, October 3, 2009

Legend, Landmark or Roadside Attraction? Say Hello to the Big Chicken

On one of our trips to the Atlanta area, we drove by this huge eye-catching structure, known by the locals as a landmark and by passers-by as a roadside attraction, legend has it that planes to the nearby air force base have used it to navigate. I wanted to take a picture, but that was one of the times I'd left my camera in our hotel room. I vowed that on our next visit, I'd be sure to drive by and photograph this 56-foot tall fowl, with rolling googly eyes and a moving beak, known by locals as 'The Big Chicken'.

Though the attached restaurant is now a KFC, the original eatery began as a hamburger joint. When the owner began selling chicken and needed publicity to get his diner noticed, he had the chicken idea. The landmark became so loved by the community that when it was damaged by a storm in1993 and rumored to be torn down, the intense public outcry encouraged KFC to repair the chicken for a cost of $700,000. Today you’ll find the chicken near the intersection HWY 41/North Cobb Pkwy and HWY120/Roswell Rd. If you're in the city, make sure you drive by. It's not to be missed!

We love to visit roadside about you? Any cool sites in your neck of the woods?

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