Monday, October 19, 2009

A Few Fun Stops

I know my blog posts have been a bit nonexistent lately and I do apologize. My computer crashed a couple weeks ago and it took me some time to replace it. But, now that it’s here, I promise, I’ll get busy adding some more posts. In the meantime, if you’d like to find out where we’ve been the past few weeks, here are a few posts from my other blog:

Disney's Christmas Carol Train comes to Atlanta, GA

I have to admit, after our first experience in Atlanta, I swore I'd never step foot in the city again. Well, I know the Lord has a sense of humor, because it wasn't long before my husband’s job led us back to the very place I intended to avoid for the rest of my life. Though I wasn't initially excited, a friend challenged me to make the best of our visit by finding five really cool attractions to visit. Well, that was a challenge I was up for and when we returned, not only did I find some really awesome outings to go on with my family, but I also discovered some reasons to return ... again ... and again ... and again.... (read the entire post here)

What'll ya have, what'll ya have?

When we planned to visit Atlanta several months ago, I sent out a plea on one of the yahoo groups I belong to asking for some recommendations of what we should or could do in the city. One of the suggestions I received over and over was to eat at The Varsity, the world's largest drive-in restaurant. Though we planned to go several times, we just hadn't made it. Until today. And it was worth the wait. Visible as soon as you exit I-85, the famous red V icon beckons you. (read the entire post here)

The B-17 Aluminum Overcast

This past Tuesday we found out that an historic WWII plane would be flying into our area and would be open for tours for two days only. Having studied that time period last year in school, and having two boys that are particularly interested in historic war planes, my husband and I knew that this opportunity was not to be missed. Thankfully my husband had a short day of work already planned on Wednesday so we were able to view this fascinating marvel. On the short drive to the airfield, my boys were taking turns impressing us with their knowledge of the B-17’s. Were they excited? You bet! (read the entire post here)

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