Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Meet the Traveling Praters'

Well, who are we and just why would you be interested in joining us on our journey? We are the Traveling Praters' and our family consists of my husband, myself, two teenage boys, one daughter that is just days from joining the ranks of 'teenage-dom' and our wonderful adopted pound puppy. Please allow me to give you some introductions.

My husband Mr. P, is a wonderful hard-working, fun-loving kind of guy. He dreams of living life and striking it rich as a full-time treasure hunter. If you read about our gold panning excursions or diamond hunting expeditions, you can bet it's because the Mr. was feeling lucky!

Our oldest son, Mr. N is the easy going, carefree, go anywhere child. I think he's always lived a life of adventure. He was our 'let's strap him in the car seat and go' child. Before his 1st birthday, he'd already been to Washington D.C., Virginia Beach and Niagara Falls, Canada twice. We could take him anywhere. Much like his daddy, he is the most laid back of my three children.

Then along came #2...anyone that has had more than one child can tell you that adding that extra child to a family is certainly an adjustment. Mr. J was no exception. As easy going as Mr. N is, Mr. J is the opposite. He's certainly up for adventure, but he just needs a bit of time to warm up to the idea. He's also my outdoor loving, rough housing, get him outside to run off that extra energy child. Like his momma, he likes order and dislikes change. We're both learning the importance of flexibility.

Baby girl made three. Miss C is pretty special too. Often the quiet one in the family, she's also the most outspoken. Reserved unless she's with family and close friends and then her true self emerges. She's goofy and giddy and all those things you'd expect from a nearly 13-year old girl. She once half-jokingly confided in us that by the time our adventure is over, she's going to need therapy. We told her not to worry, everyone needs therapy after their childhood anyway!

Our family was complete until my daughter decided she needed a sister and we adopted a beautiful Siamese kitten that we called Cleopatra. She traveled with us in the early days, but as time went on she began act freakishly insane at the sight of suitcases. She is now adjusting to living life with close family friends' of ours that love her dearly.

Somehow along the way, the the kids convinced us they needed a puppy, so we found Vinnie or rather, Vincent Van Gogh. He is our adopted and abused pound puppy turned canine-traveler-extraordinaire. He has been a wonderful addition to our family for almost a year now and during that time he's traveled nearly everywhere with us. Like the rest of the family, he's up for nearly anything but especially enjoys going for rides in the car and taking walks.

Finally, there's me. wanna be writer who is self-published on the web and in the Spring 2009 issue of The Old Schoolhouse magazine. I wrote an article giving readers a glimpse of how we homeschool called 'Living the Adventure'. I dream of one day writing a best selling novel, but in the meantime, I'm just practicing with this blog.

There you have it, the lowdown on the Traveling Praters'. Our life is at times challenging, constantly changing, but rarely boring. Though it certainly has its ups and downs, I wouldn't trade this adventure for anything! So, I hope you stop by often, buckle up and enjoy the nomadic journey as much as we do! Blessings!


  1. Very informative! I am working on a similar post about our family as well. Great minds think alike!! I also have a desire to write a best-selling book, but not sure if it's God's will for me. I have been given great advice by a real live author; she said the best thing I can do to become a writer is to... (suspenseful pause) WRITE! Journals, blogs, etc., and just keep it all where it can be submitted when the day comes that agents bang down my door wanting it for their next publication! (I won't hold my breath...but I WILL keep writing!)

  2. Great introduction Tonya... Quite an adventure already. I will definately be following you. I want to read more! Happy Travelling!


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