Sunday, September 13, 2009

Just a dream...

My husband and I dreamt of one day, packing up our three children, our finicky Siamese cat, and rambunctious Beagle puppy and embarking on a once-in-a-lifetime cross country trek in a motor home. In my mind I could imagine us rambling along peaceful country roads, across rivers, up mountains, and through deserts all in the comfort of an old, beat up RV with swaying hippie beads hanging from the rear view mirror; singing folk songs, and exploring every odd ball out of the way tourist trap we could find, laughing all the way.

This past year, we actually embarked on our adventure and became full-time RV travelers in an older not so beat up motor home, minus the hippie beads. We chose to place our precious cat in foster care with close friends of ours while we're roaming. Let's just say, she had problems adapting to this new way of life. This blog will show you how you can embark on your own RV journey, whether that would be starting with a short weekend getaway or leaping into the lifestyle full-time. I'll share with you how our dream lifestyle came to be, how we chose our motor home, cost involved in our RV lifestyle, how we homeschool our kids while traveling and how we all manage to keep our sanity!

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