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Birdcage Press Review and Giveaway

Update Feb. 27: The giveway is now closed. Congratulations to Becky J. - who selected the 52 Amazing Places: National Parks playing cards as her prize! Remember, Birdcage Press is still offering FREE shipping through the end of March when you enter the code IN12 at checkout.

I’m a sucker for games. Since my children were small, we’ve incorporated educational games into our learning time. We all learn something, and we have fun. A win-win for all.

Then I Heard About Birdcage Press

When I first heard about Award Winning Birdcage Press and took a look at all the wonderful art games that they offer, I almost drooled. I couldn’t wait to wrap my fingers around one of their games!

I was excited to select a deck of playing cards to review, and thrilled when my package arrived. Not only did I receive the product I had selected, the Birdcage Press actually sent me a bonus product to review as well!

Why I Chose to Review a Deck of Cards

52 Amazing Places National Parks Playing Cards by Birdcage Press

52 Amazing Places: National Parks Playing Cards, retail price $9.95

I chose 52 Amazing Places: National Parks Playing Cards to review.

You may wonder why I would chose a deck of cards? Let me tell you.

  • A card deck is perfect to tuck into your duffle bag when traveling (think LONG layovers at the airport).
  • A deck of cards is a great way to break the monotony of a boring hotel room.
  • A deck of cards are a lifesaver when you’re on a camping trip, get caught in the rain, and have to stay INSIDE the tent.
  • And, as my teenagers found out on our trip to Alaska, a deck of cards make you very popular on a cruise.

As practical as a deck of cards can be for a traveler, this deck of cards from Birdcage Press is not your basic set of cards; these are playing cards with an educational twist.

As soon as the kids and I sat down to play a game of Rummy, we noticed a few differences between the national parks playing cards by Birdcage Press compared to a regular deck of cards.

The first difference is obvious. Just take a look at the beautiful, full color photos that adorn each card.

National Parks Playing Cards by Birdcage Press

These cards showcase some of America’s most beautiful natural treasures.

In addition to the scenic photograph, each card offers pertinent information; where that national park is located and a tidbit of two about the park.

Take Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary in California, a park that I’ve dreamed of visiting for years! Did you know that Monterey Bay actually has an immense underwater canyon that is more than twice as deep as the Grand Canyon? You may know that the Gateway Arch commemorates St. Louis’ role in the country’s expansion into the Wild West during the 1800’s, but did you know that it can sway up to 18” in a strong hurricane? I love learning little tidbits of information.

Now that you know the cards are beautiful and educational, there are a couple other differences that set them apart. The cards from Birdcage Press are also heavier than our normal deck of cards and they are also a tad bit larger, as you can see from the picture below.

52 Amazing Places National Parks Playing Cards from Birdcage Press

The only downside I can see in purchasing this deck of cards is that after playing a few hands and seeing the beautiful, picturesque settings, you may decide that you just have to add a national park or two to the places you want to visit. And if you’re anything like me, that list keeps getting longer and longer. Consider yourself warned.

One More Item to Mention

Remember I told you that I received a second item to review? That item was the Go Fish for Van Gogh & Friends Card Game and Book Set.

Go Fish for Van Gogh and Friends

Go Fish for Van Gogh & Friends card game + book, retail price $12.95

This set is equally as beautiful as the playing cards and allow you to learn about some of the Post-Impressionist painters that Van Gogh associated with; Seurat, Gauguin, Cezanne, Rousseau and Toulouse-Lautrec .

The accompanying full color booklet gives brief information about each artist to enhance the learning experience. Did you know that Cezanne created scenes using three-dimensional elements like cubes, spheres, cones and cylinders? Or that Rousseau, famous for his jungle paintings, lived his entire life in Paris and was inspired by the jungle books he read as well as trips to the zoo and botanical garden?

The booklet also includes instructions on how to play Go Fish for Art, Masterpiece Memory and Art Pairs, making this game perfect for all ages.

Go Fish for Van Gogh and Friends card game and book

Something Special for My Readers

Birdcage Press offers dozens of games, including digital products. When you visit their website, you are bound to find something that you love. Now through March 31st, 2012, you can receive FREE SHIPPING on your order from Birdcage Press! Just enter the code IN12 when you checkout.

Time for a Giveaway

Not only did Birdcage Press graciously allow me the opportunity to review a sampling of their products, they have extended their generosity to my readers so pay attention.

One reader will be randomly selected to win their choice of either 52 Amazing Places: National Parks Playing Cards OR Go Fish for Van Gogh & Friends Card Game + Book Set.

Entries are easy and you have several options to chose from- just make sure you leave a comment telling me which one you did. And since I know it’s a pain to leave multiple comments, one comment is fine. I’ll go through each entry and tally up your points.

  1. Mandatory- visit the Birdcage Press website and tell me what product you would love to have.
  2. Visit the Birdcage Press Facebook Page and say something nice.
  3. Follow Birdcage Press on Twitter.
  4. Tweet about this giveaway and be sure to mention @BirdcagePress and @Travelermom. Leave your Twitter handle in a comment so I can RT your tweet. :)
  5. Sign up on the Birdcage Press mailing list to hear about future specials, promotions and new product releases.
  6. Just for fun, tell me why you love a great deck of cards.

This giveaway will end Sunday, February 26th at midnight. I will notify the winner on Monday and you will have 24 hours to respond with your mailing address so make sure to include an email address so I can contact you.This giveaway is open to anyone in the US. Birdcage Press will fulfill the giveaway by shipping the winners choice of item directly to the winner.

Enter More Giveaways

Not only am I hosting a giveaway of the products that I reviewed, but each of the following bloggers have also received products to review and giveaway. You can see what products they reviewed listed beside the links to their blogs.

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*I received 52 Amazing Places: National Parks and Go Fish for Van Gogh & Friends card + book set at no cost. In exchange, I used the products with my family in order to write a review sharing my honest opinion and thoughts of the product with my readers.


  1. We have some of those art playing cards & I love them! 

  2. Went to the website and I would love to have the National Parks playing deck, as we are a traveling family too :-) I love card decks for the same reason you do, they are so easy for travel! I  also left a comment on the facebook page!

  3. id love the national parks deck! what a neat idea.

  4. i like them on facebook scg00387 at yahoo dot com

  5. I would love the NP playing cards.

  6. The Dinosaur Wild Cards look like something my son would LOVE!

  7. I would love those national parks cards - -wow!!

  8. I'm on the mailing list!

  9. I follow Birdcage Press on TWitter

  10. I've been to the FB page!

  11. Love for a deck:  little, portable, fun for more than one!

  12. This second I like Art Shark!  but in three seconds I will likely change my mind -- there are so many cool things there!!!!

  13. I'd love to have the National Park cards. They are beautiful and will inspire vacation plans, I'm sure. I signed up for the Birdcage Press mailing list and liked them and added a comment on the Facebook page. A great deck of cards can go just about anywhere since it is so small, and it can be used for many different games!

  14. The art go fish cards would be a great add on to our picture studies!

  15. 1- I went to the site and love, love, love the idea of the Art Go Fish cards!
    2- I signed up for the mailing list on their site!  Hopefully they send out some good deals because I love their stuff (and just found out about them today!)
    3- We need a good deck of cards in our life because we use them for just about everything, but mostly fun for math!
    Thanks for the awesome post!  :)

  16. My daughter would love the Modern Art game!

  17. following Birdcage Press on FB and left a comment

  18. following Birdcage Press on Twitter


  19. Tweeted the giveaway!!/RoyalLilLambs/status/172800926824939520

  20. signed up for Birdcage Press newsletter

  21. We love card games 'round here 'cuz they're portable, yeah!

  22. I really like the art go fish cards the best.  Thanks

  23. I would love to have the Close up National Gallery of Art ..thanks :) Becky j

  24. What a great website! Thank you for your review! I did the following: 1.Visited their website
    2. product I'd like to have for my daughter is the book "Gallery Ghost" going to order it
    3. I liked their FB page and left a note. 
    4. Also started following you & Birdcage Press on Twitter, tweeted the blog post as well.

    I'd love the 52 Amazing Places cards! Thank you for the contest!

  25. for twitter I am @pinksugarbowl

  26. I visited their website and liked their FB page! I'd love any of the Vangogh products as we're studying him this semester.

  27. Wow these cards are great and it's so hard to pick just one set but my kids really like jets so I think they'd really like these althought the national parks would be my choice.  I visisted their facebook and said something nice. I follow them on Twitter, I tweeted about them @dawnMDR, & I signed up for their mailing list.  I love a great deck of cards because we are always out and about and having a great set of cards to entertain us is always lots of fun

  28. Art cards sound wonderful!

    I love cards as vacation souvenirs—something small and useful, often with great photos or info about the place we visited.

  29. Hi.  I visited their website and signed up for their emails.  they have so many fabulous products, that it is hard to choose.  The art decks are wonderful and easy exposure to art.  I especially like the Getty set, Van Gogh and the color postcard sets.  The national parks set would build geography skills along with developing an appreciation for our great country.  And the bird sets would help you learn about what is in your own backyard.  Thanks for offering this free card set.

  30. The  Renaissance game looks fun. (All the games look great!)

  31. I follow Birdcage Press on Twitter.

  32. I like cards because they are so portable.

  33. I would like the Backyard Birds cards.

  34. I Follow Birdcage Press on Twitter.  @rangersbraves

  35. I Signed up on the Birdcage Press mailing list .

  36. I would love these cards because they look like so much fun and my kids would love playing with them and learning from them.

  37. Would love the Amazing Places cards. Also looked at Birdcage site and like the Battle Cards (Aircraft).

  38. Wild Cards Backyard Birds! but traveling places looks good too! 

  39. Showed some love on the fb page! love these products ;) 

  40. Visited the Birdcage Press website and I would LOVE the national parks cards!

  41. 1. I would actually love to have the national parks cards
    2. I said something nice
    5. I signed up for the mailing list
    6. my husbands family got me into games.

  42. I think all the cards sets look wonderful, but my picks would be the bird set or the National Parks. So please enter me in your giveaway for the National Parks.

  43. The backyard birds card set looks educational and fun.

    I keep a deck of phonics cards in my bag that we pull out when we are at a restaurant to help pass the time while we are waiting for our order.

  44. I'd love to have one of each, please.  ;)  If I can only pick one, I'd probably pick one of the go-fish sets about art.  We don't get enough exposure to great art and all of my children could play a game with it.

  45. I follow Birdcage Press on Twitter (@OurHmSchlStudio)

  46. I've signed up for Birdcage Press' newsletter.

  47. I think the 
    52 Amazing Places:

    National Parks Card game looks neat! 
    thecountryblossom at hotmail dot com


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