Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back to Normal

Well folks, I’m back. After an incredibly busy July and August, September has started out at a more relaxed pace. I’m finally able to catch my breath and things are beginning to return to normal, if there is such a thing. 

We just returned from a much needed vacation which I dreaded for weeks because it was “just one more thing”.  In fact, with all the craziness, I didn’t even find time to pack for our trip until the day we were to leave! Talk about waiting until the last possible moment! Please don’t follow my example. In my haste I forgot several items that would have been extremely helpful to have.

Our trip turned out to be a huge blessing! When we began planning our trip last year we had no idea how much we would need to relax! The week before we were to leave my husband commented on how much he was looking forward to getting away and sleeping! And you know what? We did just that!  

Any guesses on where we went?

I’ll give you a guess. It is in the US and starts and ends with the letter A.

Did you guess ALASKA?

It was beautiful!

                                    A glacier as seen from our ship, the Carnival Spirit

Of course our trip wasn’t without a few stressful moments- like when our cab didn’t show up to take us to the port.

Or when we missed our flight home! Yep. You read that right. Thankfully United was able to get us on another flight and didn’t even charge us for my mistake. Yep. You read that right too. It was all MY fault….ughhhhh. 

The day after we returned from our trip, we began moving out of our temporary apartment and into our new home!

We had searched and searched for something that would be a bit more permanent to rent and couldn’t be happier to find just the house we had prayed for. We’d asked for a little bit of land and ended up with over 60 acres!  I have a feeling that Nature study will definitely be woven into our school plans this year.

                                                                  The back of our house

Last weekend, the kids enjoyed our country setting and spent time outside, hiking and swimming in the pond. My daughter attempted a camp out with a couple friends. That lasted until almost midnight when my city kid decided maybe she’d rather sleep inside the house and vacated the tent. You know, on account of Bigfoot and all. I think we’ve watched too many episodes of Monster Quest, what do you think?

Our dog couldn’t be happier as he systematically makes his way around the yard marking his territory and rolling on everything that his canine nose finds appealing. He smells quite ummm…unpleasant at the moment…yeah, I’ll just leave it at that. I’m sure you can imagine.

The only problem so far?  I’ve not been able to find an internet service provider for our location. Hello, welcome to the country! :)

How’s your fall shaping up?


  1. I'm so excited for you guys!!!!  You guys really deserve the break and the awesome, awesome house!!!  Can I come and visit?  ;)

  2. We loved Alaska when we went. I would love to live there someday, but very expensive to live there....

  3. Wow, that yard is phenomenal! Congratulations! And wow, Alaska! That is on our list, and we have a friend who just moved there, so we have a free place to stay. Hoping to get there in the next year or two. So glad things are starting to settle down for all of you!

  4. Tiffany, I'm thinking that you just NEED to take a field trip to Ohio- now don't you??? I'm a great tour guide! :)

  5. Kim, I only wish we would have flown directly to Alaska so we really could have spent more time there! You'll have a great time when you visit your friend! It's beautiful! :)

  6. Melissa, I have no desire to live there- too cold for my joints and bones (lol) but I would love to return and spend more time on our schedule. It is absolutely breathtaking! :)

  7. Can't wait to come visit.  Glad you got to go to Alaska!  - Jenny


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